Britax Römer Child Car Seat Dualfix M i-Sizedesign: Blue Marble · 2021



The child safety seat Dualfix M i-Size is based on the very popular Dualfix series by the manufacturer Britax Römer. It is approved for being used for children with a body height between 61 cm and 105 cm and thus stands out as the ideal child car seat that follows an infant car seat. It is equipped with all relevant safety features according to the i-Size norm so that it ensures optimum safety and protection for your little one.


  1. Group/ weight category:
  • Three months up to 4 years of age
  • Body height: 61 – 105 cm
  • Weight: up to 18 kg


Conforms to the norm:

  • ECE i-Size R129

The special thing about this Britax Römer reboard child car seat is its 360° rotation. Simply twist your child car seat toward the open door of your car and enjoy how easy it is to put your little one into the seat and fasten him or her by using the built-in five-point harness that keeps your little one safe in the seat. Then, all you have to do is, twist the car seat back in the desired direction until it snaps in and you are ready to start your journey.

We recommend you to transport your child in a rear-facing mode a s long as possible. In the event of an accident, the impact of a collision is absorbed and buffered by the back of the child car seat. The forces that occur are spread evenly over the head, neck and upper body. When you child has reached a body height 76 cm, you can easily twist the seat so that your child can travel in a forward-facing mode.

The child car seat features twelve sitting positions in both forward-facing and rear-facing mode as well as an ergonomic flat lying position and thus provides your little on with ultimate comfort throughout his/ her first years. The deep, soft side wings are not only soft padded, but also work as protecting cocoon. Optimum protection is offered by the v-shaped backrest which was specially developed as to ensure that your child’s sensitive head is moving in a controlled way in the event on a side impact. Headrest and harness can be adjusted easily on the front of the car seat so that they adapt perfectly to your little one’s growth. The soft special neoprene shoulder pads nestle up comfortably and provide additional safety.

The Isofix system as well as the height-adjustable support foot make attaching the child safety seat to your car very easy. A colour indicator confirms correct installation. The safety bar can be adjusted by 8° - that way, it adapts perfectly to the backrest of your car’s back seat and offers your little one up to 10% more leg space.

Numerous innovative safety features such as the optimised Side Impact Protection technology (SICT inside) make the trendy Dualfix M i-Size complete. The SICT is built in the car seat – that way, you don’t have to adjust or adapt anything. SICT is always ready whenever it is needed. Thus the Britax Römer Dualfix M i-Size stands out as a child car seat that is both comfortable and grows with your child so that your little passenger can enjoy every ride in your car.

The award-winning design and excellent quality – made in Germany – provide you with a safe and stylish child car seat.



  • Available in different designs
  • Rear-facing mode: 61 – 105 cm; forward-facing mode: 76 – 105 cm
  • Installation in car by using Isofix and height-adjustable support foot, colour indicator
  • 360° rotations for change of direction and for easy getting in and off the car seat
  • Safety bar can be adjusted and adapted to the car seat’s backrest, more leg space
  • Integrated Side Impact Protection technology (SICT inside)
  • Anti-tilt system, deep and soft padded side wings, V-shaped headrest
  • Recline position can be adjusted in twelve different positions
  • Five-point harness with special neoprene shoulder pads
  • Cover can be removed and machine washed
  • Headrest can be adjusted in five different positions
  • Dimensions: 48 x 44 x 74 cm
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Made in Germany

Britax Dualfix M iSize - Blue Marble