babymoov lovenest baby pillow - sweety pink

The Lovenest was created and patented by a French pediatrician to prevent flat-head syndrome, which can sometimes occur in the first weeks of life while the skull is still soft enough to be molded. Very comfortable in the form of a heart-shaped pillow, the famous Babymoov Lovenest features a specific inclination and heart shape to guarantee that pressure is well distributed over the baby's skull. Manufactured in a breathable fabrics the Babymoov Lovenest is ideal to ensure an optimal comfort. You can use Lovenest in any baby rocker, swings and strollers. The Lovenest can be used right from birth to 4 months.


  • Created to prevent flat-head syndrome
  • Made of breathable fabric
  • Can be used in rockers, swings, or strollers
  • Suggested use from Birth to 4 months

Babymoov Love est - Sweety Pink