Does it fit?

Prams & Pushchairs 

In store we have 30+ models of Prams & Pushchairs and Travel Systems. We focus on good quality products from a range of suppliers to enable you to have just enough choice when picking out your wheels.

Although the pram market is vast it's important to pick out the right product for you, regardless of design or fashion (though these do stand for something!)

Picking out your dream pram needs to be built around your lifestyle. Just because a pram looks great and may indeed win all the awards doesn't necessarily mean it's right for you. Shopping centers, pavements and flat smooth surfaces would generally attract the lighter weight / smaller folding section of the market; ideal for fitting in car boots and being nippy around town. Canal paths, fields, lakes and country parks will take most town prams out of their comfort zone, causing not only a worse pushing experience but also reducing the life span of your product. The more robust section of the market tends to be slightly heavier, designed around performance rather than convenience, but this is just one of the things to weigh up when making your choice. 

In store our well versed staff have a fantastic knowledge of the market and can group together a great selection of products suitable for you and your baby ! We also have a full car park at the rear of the store where we can try all prams for size in your boot, so you don't make an expensive mistake !