Our first weekend away !

When your little one comes along, that doesn't mean you stop being you, so a night away from time to time is a must have ! If you're luckily enough to have baby sitters on hand, BRILLIANT, but certainly in your babies opening months keeping them close and getting them used to different environments is sure to help you in the long run. Plus if you're anything like me, you'll want to have them with you to capture those precious moments; as people say, time really does fly when you have a baby.

If your planning an over night trip choosing the best options for baby before hand is important, you'll come to realise that by now even a trip to the supermarket will now take an hour to prep for ! So when you have the option of a Moses Basket, Carrycot and Crib to think about, plus the limited space in your car its not that straight forward. Certain carrycots on the market will boast the feature of being fully ventilated and suitable for over night sleeping, and although this is a excellent choice during the early days, as your baby grows, rolls, and kicks about they will need a little more space.

Today we took with us the Space Cot from Hippy Chick. I initially liked the incredibly easy folding mechanism, not only for myself but for grandparents in the future. The weight was also a key point I liked coming in around 35% lighter than the other models on the market.

Initial assembly is very straight forward and setting up takes a matter of minutes even for a novice ( My Wife ;-) ). Also what I really like is the sturdiness of the cot despite the weight and fold.

Suitable from Birth this can be used through till 2 and a half years old and is sure to be called on many times in between. Weddings, weekends away, grand parent sleep overs even holidays in the UK and aboard. The size is admittedly marginally smaller than some of the competition at 81 x 60cm rather than 120 x 60, however caravaners and mobile homes will find this to their advantage.

Kate's 6 weeks old so we're using the Space Cot with the bassinette feature. This allows you to have a second tier, having baby more accessible for feeds and nappy changes. The bassinette is suitable until 6mths or until baby starts rolling and crawling, at which point you'd drop it down to the lower setting.

Overall the Space Cot works very well. Easy to use, light weight plus, the covers all zip off nicely for washing which is excellent. Its not one of the cheapest Travel Cot on the market, but if you're looking for a good quality travel cot to last its certainly one of the best!

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