Britax Evolva 123 SL SICT

Group 1/2/3 seats have become more popular over the last few years, offering parents excellent value for money whilst maintaining good safety standards.

Group 1/2/3 seats allow babies from 9mths (20lbs) to travel using a 5-point harness until around 3/4 years and 40lbs in weight. Once they have achieved the age and weight you then remove the harness and use the seat as a high back booster. The new UK law on High Back Boosters include that a child must use one within a vehicle up to an age of 12 years or 4.5 Feet. With this in mind the 1/2/3 allowed parents to buy one seat which would in theory last the child forever.

The original Evolva revolutionised the carseat market when it was launched in the mid 2000's and since then hasn't altered other than a 'Plus' model with a few additional features.

2017 brought with it the Evolva 1/2/3 SL SICT which took the original shell and added several new features to improve comfort, usability and safety. The introduction of a Soft Latch Isofix system, not only improves crash safety when being used with a 5 point harness, but also allows the 2/3 element of the seat to be latched to the car as well.

A feature that often gets overlooked is the Quick Release Cover, which allows the parent to remove the covers off the carseat quickly and without having to remove the harness. This may seem trivial, but we regularly see seats which have been taken apart and the harness re-threaded incorrectly. This not only can make the seat uncomfy for your child but also not safe.

The SICT (Side Impact Cushion Technology) system was brought into the market to further improve the Side Impact safety of seats. The retractable side cushions feature on each side of the carseat (depending on which side of the car you have the seat installed).

The Click & Safe system gives parents a guide on when the harness is at the correct tension. This feature works well, but can be prone to giving the audible 'Click' before it's tight enough if the child is wearing bulky clothes.

We'd suggest the Click & Safe to be used as a guide line, rather than a set in stone measurement.

Perfomance Chest pads not only increase comfort for the child when being buckled up tight, but also spread the load of force during a forward impact.

They are neatly integrated into the harness and get progressively thicker as they move down the chest. All new Britax products feature these.

Installation Video Below

The Britax Evolva 1/2/3 SL SICT is available in store now £163.95 (Internet Price Match Price will be subject to change)

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