And then there was a blog.

Having being part of a family business in the Nursery Industry all my life, it seems now more than ever the way people view, shop and learn about the market has changed. Although being open 7 days a week gives mums and mums to be (Dads too, we can not forget them!) the chance to come into store and get that hands on perspective, many will research and learn online to gain product and brand awareness.

The market is bigger than ever, more products and at a wider price range, leaving parents to be with the troubling task of what to buy. Buying the wrong product is easy, its buying the right one that counts.

Whether this blog is read by a few a thousand or no one, i shall attempt (very new to the blogging craze) to deliver impartial reviews, discuss legislations, and explore everything new in the world of baby.

We shall be covering, Prams, Buggies, Carseats, Furniture etc. Its a long shot but also, any requests will be replied to !

I'm also thinking of starting a vlog,(video blog) reviewing products in store, and showing unboxing, if this is something you think would be worth while, again please let me know.

If you're here and reading i'd like to say thanks, any feedback is welcome.

- John

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